Where to place your 1080p dashboard camera?

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Heading out for a trip with friends? Going for a cross-country bike ride? Then, you will want to record all the sights and sounds using a 1080p dashboard cam. Far and away, the best camera to record your ride without having to hold up the camera all the time. Cameras with 1080p resolution give you crisp, detailed footage, without consuming as much space as a 4K camera. Furthermore, dashboard cams can give you an incredible view of your trip from beginning to end.

However, as is the case with all cameras, the secret to capturing incredible footage is having and setting up your camera in the right angle, and getting the right angle is all about placing the camera in the right place. But, that is not as easy as it seems because placing the camera in the wrong place can distract you while you are driving, which can be disastrous. This blog post will address the best places to set up your 1080p dashboard camera for your motorcycle or car.

The best places to put your dashcam in a car

If you happen to be travelling by car, then placing your 1080p dashboard camera in the right place is crucial. If you place it in the wrong area, you risk obstructing the view, which affects driver safety. This will not be a huge issue if you are on the open highway, but if you are driving through a town or going through a dirt road, the last thing you want is to have your view obstructed in even the smallest way. You will also need to consider other factors - for example, can you arrange cables in a matter that is not cluttered? For all these reasons, the most obvious place to put a dashboard camera - the dashboard - is not the best place to put the camera.


1080p dashboard camera


In our experience, one of the best places to put a 1080p dashboard camera is just below the rearview mirror. Installing the dashcam right behind the rearview mirror is the best option because it gives you the best view for recording footage without distracting you when driving. Another option is to install it on the windshield - most drivers prefer this position because it does not hinder the view, while also delivering the best footage for the camera.

Where do I put a dashcam on a motorcycle?

Placing the 1080p dashboard camera on a motorcycle is a bit more tricky because there are less square feet to work with compared to a car or truck. But on the other hand, it also means more thrilling footage after your trip. The best position to place your motorcycle is right down the centre of the windshield, just above the headlights. The best dashcams are compatible with camera mounts - complementary accessories like suction cup mounts can fix the dashcam to your motorcycle, no matter how fast you are going and what terrain you are driving over. Alternatively, you can fix the dashcam onto your helmet. Helmet mounting is a great alternative because some motorcycles do not have windscreens. Positioning the dashcam at the helmet allows for better footage because it shoots the direction the rider is looking towards.


1080p dashboard camera


Qualities to look for in a quality dashcam

While there are plenty of great dashcams on the market, you can’t just get any product off the shelf. You need to get the right camera for outdoor adventures. You need a camera that is made of high-quality materials and delivers quality footage. It should be waterproof so that it doesn’t go bust when exposed to water and should also have long battery life. You should also consider other features like Event Detection footage. It is a useful feature on outdoor trips because it safeguards footage recorded around an impact or an abrupt change to speed/direction. So, if something were to happen, your camera can catch it.

Take a look at the Drift camera

If you are looking for a suitable 1080p dashboard camera, then why not take a look at the Drift camera range? Drift cameras can take on the function of just about any dashboard camera as they deliver high-quality footage, easy to fit on and are ensured to be weatherproof. The Drift Ghost XL and Ghost X are particularly well-suited to this function because the two cameras offer 1080p footage along with a host of features that allow you to capture visuals for hours on end.


1080p dashboard camera


The Ghost X features modular side dock, so users can maximise battery lifespan using either a standard or a long-life battery module - a handy feature if you need a dashboard camera, but don’t want to fuss over power cables. Meanwhile, the Ghost XL features Event Detection, so you can capture footage even when something unexpected happens. Want to record hours of footage? You will be glad to know that both Drift cameras come with DVR looping footage, so you can record for hours, without using up so many memory cards.

Drift cameras are built to be hardy and durable, perfectly suited to outdoor adventures. For example, the Drift Ghost XL has an IPX7 waterproof rating. If you get a Drift camera, you will also have the option to purchase additional accessories, like handlebar mounts that make it easier to fix your camera in one place, especially on a motorcycle. But what about the quality of the footage?

In addition to crisp 1080p footage, you will also have some great filming options. For example, all Drift cameras come with a rotating lens, which allows users to align their shots with lenses that rotate more than 300°. Best of all, the cameras will work in all conditions. For example, the Ghost XL can deliver high performance in low-light settings making it easy to capture consistent, high-quality footage, at times when the light is low. Whether you are travelling by bike or car, this level of consistency is necessary for adventurers.

Placing a 1080p dashboard camera is no easy task, but with the right action camera, it is easy to place it in the right angle to capture high-quality footage for your trip. Drift cameras are some of the best dashboard cameras you can get because of their combination of high-quality footage, weatherproof features and extensive recording capabilities.

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