Why an outdoor camera mount is your best friend on outdoor trips

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Let’s just say it out loud. Outdoor camera mounts are your best friends when you’re on an outdoor trip. Of course, we are not trying to suggest that action cameras on their own are not important because they are, but the mounts you use along with your camera can make a huge difference when putting together your video or photo gallery of the trip. Most action camera makers do not sell mounts and cameras in a single package, so many people new to the planning of outdoor trips forego mounts because it doesn't occur to them that they might need them. This is a line of thinking that hurts the final product - the images and videos.

In this blog post, we are going to explain why camera mounts are your best friend and why you should get one when planning your trip.


outdoor camera mount

Advantages of an outdoor camera mount

Mounts can hold your camera steady

Camera mounts are designed to hold the camera steady. You might think that it is not necessary to have this accessory on your list of items, but you would be amazed to find out just how much a camera can shake when you are holding it. Our hands are not as steady as we would like to believe they are, and this fact alone can ruin a perfectly good shot. At this point, you might be thinking “What about optical image stabilisation?”

The truth is that OIS helps a bit, but it is not going to save your image or video from the constant shaking of your hand, especially when going over rough terrain. Outdoor camera mounts are useful for holding the camera steady, irrespective the type of surface you’re on.

Keep your hands free

If you are like us, then you want to go hands-free as much as possible and that’s exactly what camera mounts let you do. If you are riding a motorcycle or driving a car, then staying hands-free is a must. Outdoor camera mounts will keep your hands free while also continuously recording footage of your travels.

Achieve greater angles to film

Ever wanted to record your leap off the cliffs? Ever wanted to capture a first-person view of your ride down a highway? Ever wanted to record your motorcycle ride at an angle close to the ground? Well, you can capture all those great angles with outdoor camera mounts - there are several different options at your disposal. For example, adhesive mounts can be attached to your surfboard, while rollbar mounts can be attached to the side of the motorcycle.


outdoor camera mount

Mounts are a one-off purchase

Purchasing action camera mounts along with your camera makes for a worthwhile investment because the mounts will likely last for a long time. Whether you are planning the occasional adventure or if you are a hardcore outdoors junkie who arranges these trips more often, camera mounts are the perfect investment because you can keep them aside and use them regularly for months or even years on end. Do not view camera mounts as an extra cost - view them, instead, as an investment because a well-made camera mount can generate a lot more value than you realise.

Add better protection to your camera

Do you know that a camera mount can actually protect your camera? It is not going to wrap your action camera around a protective cocoon, but a mount can firmly fix your camera in place, which is what you want when riding over rough and uneven terrain. Imagine, that you are riding over a ditch - would it not be better to have the camera fixed firmly in place.

Find the right camera mounts for your action camera

If you are getting an action camera, then you need to take a look at camera mounts because they generate immense value in the long run. Camera mounts let you capture more stable footage, give you more choices when filming and keep your camera steady, all after a one-off purchase. Hence, why we strongly recommend getting one or two mounts to go with your brand new action camera.


outdoor camera mount


If you happen to be getting an action camera that has a variety of mounts, then consider Drift Innovation cameras. With rotatable lenses, modular design and HDR capability, Drift’s cameras are suitable for just about anyone - but the winning factor of Drift Innovation cameras is the wide range of outdoor camera mounts, specifically designed for Drift cameras. You have the option to choose from rollbar mounts, adhesive mounts, pivot mounts and suction mounts, which can secure the camera to the dashboard of your car, the side of your bike and even your helmet. The accessories are made to last using high-quality materials and an ergonomic design, making it easy to fix to any surface. What does this all boil down to? If you want to go for quality and safety, go for Drift.

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