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The best outdoor camera is not just about the right hardware, but also the right software. While we have talked about the hardware extensively, it is time to turn our attention to the type of recording features adventurers need in their action cameras. Recording features are vital for capturing your experience in the most efficient way possible. An outdoor camera with the right recording features can make the difference between frustrating hours spent editing footage or a breezy editing session. So, in this blog post, we are going to take a look at the type of recording features adventurers are going to need from their action camera.


best outdoor camera

Video recording options every adventurer needs

Video tagging

Ever tried to record an entire ride through London? If you have, then you are all too familiar with the long hours spent at your computer looking at footage hoping to find the best bits to finalise in your video. You would also know about the headache of managing SD cards. The best outdoor camera can solve those problems with video tagging.

Video tagging is a feature that allows drivers and motorcyclists to record and store a few minutes of footage. Later on, when you need to edit your footage, you will find only the moments that you tagged. So, instead of recording the entire trip and editing hours of footage, you will be doing a form of editing within the camera itself. By selecting only the best moments to record, while it is happening instead of editing after recording. Furthermore, video tagging saves a lot of space on your hard disk storage and SD cards. Recording an entire trip takes up a lot of space (especially if recorded on 4K and 1080p).

Video tagging is a godsend for drivers and motorcyclists because they don’t have to waste time editing footage. Thanks to video tagging, camera owners can put together the small clips.

Clone mode

Clone mode is one of those lowkey features you will find only in the best outdoor action cameras. Cloning mode allows owners to connect several cameras to sync recording. In cloning mode, several ‘slave’ cameras connect to a single ‘master’ camera and will record what the master camera is recording. Furthermore, the slave cameras will mirror what the master is doing. They will stop recording, loop and tag, as the master camera performs these functions.

Clone mode is excellent because it gives riders and drivers multiple angles from which to record. You can connect as many as ten cameras to a single master camera, place it around your vehicle to capture as many unique perspectives as possible. If you ever wondered how some Youtubers could effortlessly record and sync from different viewpoints? Clone mode makes it possible.

Why Drift cameras are the best outdoor camera for you

If you are looking for the best outdoor camera, then consider options for Drift cameras. The Drift cameras come with all the recording features camera owners need to capture their adventures in the best way possible.

The Drift line of cameras allows riders to tag specific points of their journey. It not only makes it easier to record an entire journey but should you find yourself in a jam, you can record the entire incident for insurance purposes. Furthermore, Drift cameras do video tagging better than any other camera manufacturers out there. While some camera makers record in five-minute intervals and break the video into five different files, Drift cameras let you record just one minute with an additional thirty-second cooldown period, making editing much easier.


best outdoor camera

Cloning mode can be found on Drift cameras, making it one of the best outdoor action cameras. Drift cameras can do clone mode with as many as ten cameras. Riders and drivers can connect several cameras to their motorcycle or their car, and sync them to capture footage of what is going on from different angles, making it the best outdoor camera for you. (though we wouldn’t blame you if you thought ten cameras is a bit too much!).

But that’s not all! Drift cameras come with DVR looping. DVR looping allows you to record footage of your trip without dealing with the hassle of Micro SD cards. DVR looping works by recording videos in separate files. As the recording progresses, the action camera replaces the oldest file with more recent footage. It’s incredibly convenient because users don’t have to juggle multiple memory cards or other types of storage devices when recording. Imagine running out of memory space in the middle of a ride? How inconvenient would that be

Recording features galore!

The best outdoor camera not only comes with the right hardware but also with the right recording features (derived from software). So many adventurers put a lot of focus on hardware (as they should!), but fail to consider recording options. It is a mistake that leads to long, frustrating hours spent editing or fumbling several memory cards. However, the right recording features can transform your experience, making it easier to capture sublime footage, until you rarely have to put too much thought into it. These features, include video tagging and cloning mode, which are just two of the options available to adventurers. Drift cameras, like the Ghost 4K, Ghost X and Ghost XL, are among the best outdoor cameras because they offer a plethora of recording features that can make the user experience so much better. It’s time for you to catch your Drift if you haven’t already!

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