Why a Drift camera is the best action camera to buy

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Why choose action cameras?

Going on an adventure? Hardcore enthusiasts will know that an action camera is the best way to go. But others still prefer to use a smartphone or a standard camera to record their adventures. An action camera comes with the sturdy, lightweight design prevalent in most cameras. But unlike smartphones or standard cameras, you can go cycling, hiking, underwater diving, motorbike riding or cross country driving without worrying about the camera falling apart. These cameras also come with the accessories you need to make filming even easier.


Great, now the question is, which is the best action camera to buy? There are plenty of camera models on the market, but how do you know you splurged $100-$300 on the right camera? By looking out for the following features.



action camera to buy


A few features to look out for when choosing the best action camera

Resolution vs. FPS

The best action camera to buy comes with great resolution and FPS or at least, a good balance between the two. FPS helps you capture every exciting moment with a clear recording - the higher the FPS, the less motion blur there is. Meanwhile, a higher resolution offers detailed visuals with minimal grain and noise, so it will look great when you display the footage on a large TV. However, while it would be awesome to get an action camera with 4K resolution and 60FPS, such tech is crazy-expensive. Not to mention, it comes with its fair share of problems because 4K and 60FPS take a lot of storage space and processing power to work with. Instead, you want to choose an action camera that balances resolution with FPS so that you get the best of both worlds, without hampering you in other ways.

Mounts, mounts and more mounts

Ever tried holding up a camera while trying to ride a motorbike? (I sincerely hope your answer is no) Ever stood on a cliff trying to capture an amazing shot with your friends? The last thing you want to be doing in any of these situations is having a death-tight grip on your camera, while stretching your arm out uncomfortably, just to get those perfect angles. No, you want to enjoy the moment. This is why the best action camera to buy always comes with mounts.

Of course, you will have to buy the mount separately, but any action camera maker worth their salt will build several, complementary mounts to match their action camera. Mounts are important because you can fix the camera onto anything to capture any angle and you don’t have to worry about holding your camera tightly, or stretching your arm to get the perfect angle.

Action cameras are waterproof

Smartphones are marketed as waterproof, but that doesn’t mean you can take that camera underwater because those things will just fizzle out. What you need is an action camera because it comes with the extra oomph needed to make the camera waterproof, so you can snap pictures or record videos, even when it is raining. Luckily, the best action camera to buy comes with extra accessories like a waterproof bag, so you can submerge the camera beneath the water for some spectacular underwater shots.



action camera to buy


Connectivity to the internet and other devices.

The best camera to buy comes with Wi-Fi connectivity. You might think internet connectivity is not strictly necessary, but you will be missing out on several advantages that are not found online. For example, you can transfer your images to your smartphone, edit them and upload them to your social media channels. You can even geotag images using GPS tech.

Make sure it is a flat lens

As you trek across country trails, beaches and cliffs, your camera lens will get smudged. Fortunately, the best action camera to buy comes with a flat lens design, making it much easier to wipe clean.

Why Drift is the action camera to buy

Now that you know about the best features to look for in the best action camera, why don’t you take a look at Drift camera models? These action cameras come with all the features you are looking for in the best action camera to buy.

Want an action camera with high resolution? We have a selection of cameras offering different resolutions from 720p to 4K to deliver that crystal-clear footage that is going to look spectacular on a TV monitor but well balanced with a sublime framerate. For example, the Ghost 4K has different resolutions starting with 4K and ending with 720p, which is balanced with framerates going from 30FPS to 240FPS.

Curious about mounts? Drift Innovation supports its cameras with a variety of mounts ranging from suction cup mounts, pivot mounts, rollbar mounts and even head-strap mounts. You will have to get the mounts separately, but these mounts allow you to attach the camera to anything. On your helmet? Done! On the windshield? No problem! To the side of your motorcycle? Easy! Mounts allow owners to attach action cameras to any surface. Attach it and never have to worry about the camera while on your trip.



action camera to buy

Want to leap off a cliff and into the sea? Hoping to take some pics underwater? Well, Drift cameras are still the best action camera to buy because the Drift camera comes with several accessories, like a waterproof bag or a waterproof case. Some of our cameras, like the Ghost XL, have an IPX7 waterproof rating.

Worried about connectivity? Once again a Drift camera model is the best action camera to buy. All Drift camera models have a Wi-Fi connection to connect to your smartphone. Some models, like the Ghost 4K, come with a Drift remote app, which can be downloaded onto your smartphone. Use the app to connect the phone to your camera to pull off some amazing stuff, like live-streaming your action-packed lifestyle.

Get the best action cameras

Finding the best action camera to buy is no easy task, but hopefully, we have managed to make the search a little easier for you. With the best camera on the market, you can capture some truly spectacular shots of your trip to make some memorable souvenirs. So go ahead, pick up your action camera right now. It will be the best investment you ever make!

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