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When it comes to the best action camera to buy, it is not just a question of hardware it is also a question of software. Action cameras are built for the hardy rigours of adventures, but if the recording features are not up to par, then the quality of your videos will suffer. If you are hoping to do your travel vlogging channel, this should be a concern for you. You need an action camera that perfectly balances the hardware and recording features to deliver you the best of both worlds so that you can build a fantastic vlog channel around your adventures. So, in this blog post, we are going to explain why Drift cameras are the best cameras to buy - largely due to these reasons.

Features that make a Drift camera the best action camera to buy

Event detection

If you are on a trip anything can happen. Sometimes, you see something cool that you will remember for a long time. But, there are times when something unpleasant happens, like when a jerk knocks into your motorcycle. When that happens, you need evidence to prove that you are not in the wrong. This is where event detection comes into play. The camera can record footage around the event when there is an abrupt change in speed or direction, and store it aside for later use. With event detection, you don’t have to cycle through hours of footage just to find that moment, making it much easier for you down the line.


best action camera to buy

Flashback video tagging

Have you ever tried to record an entire trip on the Beartooth Highway from Montana to Wyoming? That is several gigabytes worth of footage, a good chunk of which is not exciting to watch. Flashback video tagging allows adventurers to capture and hold specific moments on a trip, allowing you to exercise great precision over the type of footage you record. The best part of flashback video tagging is that it is incredibly easy to use on the Drift camera. Just press the button and start recording, that level of convenience is invaluable for someone who is recording their journey when on their motorbike.

Video Lapse

Video lapse is the practice of bringing together several images to tell a story about a landscape or a journey. Video lapse can be tough to pull off using other cameras, but the Ghost XL comes with video lapse features that make the entire process much easier to pull off. It is much easier to record a video lapse feature using a Drift camera, compared to a smartphone camera because chances are the camera will be attached to your motorcycle or your helmet making it much easier to control. If you are not moving, you need only press the button and select the right mode to get started.

Remote control/App

Video recording features are not just about recording options, they are about the convenience that comes with Drift camera models. Drift cameras come with several useful features that make recording much easier to pull off, chief among them is the option to record, edit and live stream footage through your app. If you download the ‘Drift Life’ app, then you can control your camera through your smartphone, making it a lot easier to control and edit footage. While you cannot use your smartphone while riding your motorbike (at least, I hope you don’t), using a smartphone to control and edit your videos makes the entire process much easier to do.

High-quality low-light performance

You can’t control light conditions. There are days when the sun is out and everything is perfect for recording a video. Sometimes, the day is cloudy, it's getting dark, and the setting is awful for taking images. With the weather being so unpredictable, you need an action camera that will work well, no matter what the light settings are. The best action camera to buy operates well under low light conditions. Drift cameras, like the Ghost XL, come with low light functionality, making it easier to snap some high-quality images, regardless of light conditions.

DVR Loop recording mode

If you are someone who does not like dealing with tons of Micro SD cards and extra storage space, then the best action camera to buy is a camera with a DVR Loop record mode. Fortunately, Drift cameras, like the Ghost X, feature DVR looping. The recording mode allows you to record footage on an indefinite loop, so you don’t have to worry about running out of space for your camera or constantly swapping out MicroSD cards. DVR loop recording will continue to record footage as you go along your journey. You don’t have to worry about swapping out SD cards or fiddling with your camera. Just press the button to record and start driving. The only drawback is that once the camera runs out of space, it will delete the old footage to make space for new footage.


best action camera to buy

Drift cameras - Worth the investment

Drift cameras are certainly worth their investment because they come with all the recording features an adventurer needs to record their journey. In addition to a hardy, durable design, rotating lenses and long battery life, Drift cameras also come with a variety of recording features that make the entire process much easier. For example, the Ghost XL features Event Detection software to capture and store those critical moments on your journey, while the Drift cameras offers DVR looping mode. Besides all these amazing software features, you can choose to record in 4K resolution, if you’ve managed to get your hands on the Ghost 4K. If you are looking for the best action camera to buy, then look no further than the Drift cameras.

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