Going on a long distance bike ride? Know which dash cam to buy for the trip

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There is a lot of planning to be done for a long-distance motorcycle riding. You need to consider the condition of your motorcycle, supplies to be packed and where you are going to stop. But the area we want to focus on in this blog article is on the camera you are going to use to record your journey. After all, you don’t just want any camera to capture your ride through the Needless Highway or the Pig Trail Scenic Byway, you want a high-quality dashcam. Yet, knowing which dash cam to buy is one of those unexpected problems people stumble into. There are so many dash cams to choose from, so many technical terms and numbers thrown about that it just confuses people. So, we are going to highlight some of the key features you need to look for when searching for a dashcam for your motorcycle tour.


Which dash cam to buy for your long bike ride

Know which camera to buy by looking for these key features:

The camera should be waterproof

If you are going to spend several hours on the road, chances are, it's going to rain - depending on where you are. With that in mind, the dashcam of your choice needs to work in both wet and dry conditions. So you need to look for waterproof capability when searching for a dashcam to buy. Some of the best dashcams come with extra amenities that make the recording experience like an external microphone for recording a rider’s voice or the on-the-go charging. Some of the best dashcams include extra features like a waterproof connection for a power cable or an external microphone, that can help keep the camera rolling when the weather closes in.

Features looping video recording

One of the coolest moments of a long-distance ride is stumbling upon a spectacular bit of scenery. At the same time, there is nothing more frustrating than finding out that your dashcam did not record the moment because it ran out of memory. You can make sure this doesn’t happen on your trip by getting a dashcam with a looping video. The camera will continue to record new footage over the old one so that awesome moments are not missed out. In other words, looping video ensures that your camera does not stop recording due to a lack of space. Hence, when considering which dash cam to buy for the trip, a looping video feature should be on your list.

Resolution - Quality vs Memory storage

Once upon a time, 4K was cutting-edge technology found only in the most advanced visual tech. Fast forward to 2019 and 4K is a fairly standard option available to everyone willing to pay, including riders. Resolution and the trade-off that comes with it is one of the first things to consider when searching for which dash cam to buy. 

Riders have a choice between 720p,1080p and 4K. The higher the resolution means a higher pixel count, for example, 1080p has 2 million pixels, while 4K has over 8 million pixels. Higher resolution means sharper, more vibrant quality. So, the answer is to get a dashcam with the highest resolution right? Not so fast! You see, this is where the trade-off comes into play - the higher the resolution, the higher the memory needed to store footage. The footage in 4K resolution will naturally consume more space compared to footage captured in 1080p resolution. 4K video footage also requires a powerful computer to edit, and many people prefer the more manageable file size of 1080p full HD footage.

Consider the trade-off between size and battery

Size is not one of those features you think about when considering which dash cam to buy, but it is a factor to consider, along with battery life. You want a dashcam that can ideally fit anywhere, including the top of your helmet, without getting too heavy. But it is not simply a case of picking the smallest camera because there is a trade-off between size and battery life. The smaller the camera, the shorter, the battery life - for the most part. You want a camera with 5-9 hours of battery life, so you don’t have to worry about your camera dying halfway through the journey.

You need complementary accessories

The dashcam market is saturated with great products, but there is one problem. Most dash cams are built for cars but are hardly suited for motorcycles. To get around this problem, you need a dashcam with a whole range of different mounting options. No one wants to be in that awkward (and incredibly unsafe) situation where you have to hold the camera up while riding the motorcycle. This is where camera mounts come into play - they allow you to place your dashcam anywhere on the motorcycle, even on your helmet for the best view. Hence, when considering which dashcam to buy, you need to also consider the accessories that go with it.


Which dash cam to buy? Our suggestion, Drfit Ghost XL

Consider Drift dash cams

Now that you have a solid idea of which dashcam to buy for a long-distance ride, you should take a look at the Ghost XL from Drift Innovation. The Ghost XL features a slim, aerodynamic design making it easy to fit anywhere on your bike or helmet. The camera records footage in 1080p resolution with 30FPS and has a 9-hour battery lifespan, making it a great choice for moto vlogging. Even better, you switch to 720p at 60FPS for longer battery life. A waterproof USB cable means that you don’t have to rely on the battery for the longest tours. 

If you are concerned about longevity, then you will be glad to know that the Ghost XL comes with DVR looping video to ensure you never miss an important moment when recording on the road. What’s more, the Ghost XL is waterproof with an IPX7 rating, able to withstand water up to 1m for over 30 minutes without the need for a case.

The Ghost XL is the perfect dashcam able to fit on both cars and motorcycles alike. Its sleek form factor gives it an aerodynamic quality and its rotatable lens will give you several options when searching for the perfect angle to set up your dashcam. Speaking of setting up your dashcam, you can pick from a long list of several accessories for the Ghost XL including accessories like adhesive helmet mounts, suction cups, and handlebar mounts, perfect for setting up the dashcam on your motorcycle or even on your helmet.


Which dash cam to buy? Our suggestion, Drfit Ghost XL


The combination of high-quality footage, sleek aerodynamic design, unrivalled battery life, DVR looping, waterproof power connection, external mic capacity, rotatable lens and complementary accessories makes the Ghost XL, a must-have on your list when you consider which dash cam to buy for your long-distance motorcycle ride.


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